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Special Transportation Services (STS) And Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) In Minnesota

Hewws Transportation is a leading provider of Special Transportation Services (STS) and Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) for Medicaid and Medicare patients, elderly, disable people and those who have no form of transportation to access health care in the Twin Cities metro area, Minnesota. We have dedicated all our effort to making available the best quality transport services for our various customers, irrespective of their destination, needs and ages. And this dedication to be different has helped us gain the trust and loyalty of a wide range of customers around Minnesota.

Our goal is to maintain a high level of care for our clients throughout the transportation experience. Our transportation services are comprehensive encompassing thorough care throughout the entire transport process. We put your safety first, so we strive to provide the best and efficient Special Transport Services in Minnesota. We exhibit genuine concern and care for customers’ safety and interest, working to create a personal relationship with our customers.


Reliable transportation is necessary to ensure that Medicaid and Medicare patients, elderly, and disable patients have access to their treatment centers, and that they have it regularly. We hope to remove all transportation barriers, help prevent you from missing important medical appointments, and help patients with chronic disease get the treatment they need. This feeling of independence can provide a much greater sense of well-being, helping recovery and/or management of a chronic disorder.

Missed or delayed appointments can worsen health conditions and end up necessitating expensive ambulance services and costly emergency department so we make sure all of our passengers and elderly clients are comfortable, without being rushed. We never want you to feel stressed getting to your destination. All of our drivers are patient and will make sure you are completely happy with the care you receive from us. As a part of keeping you comfortable and happy, we will do everything we can do make the ride more comfortable.


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